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Dr. Natalie R. Cohen, Psy.D.
441 West End Ave #2C

New York, NY 10024
NYS Licensed Psychologist
Certified School Psychologist

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Dr. Cohen is a Psychologist located in New York City and treats adults, adolescents and children in individual, couple, and/or group settings.

Dr. Cohen's goals for all patients:

Dr. Cohen's focus is to help patients understand their thought patterns and emotional changes. By examining the power of significant relationships, past and present, she is able to assist in strengthening and transforming sense of self, which will enhance confidence and well-being.

An important part of her orientation process is exploring the impact of power differentials and social issues such as race, class, culture, gender and sexual diversity. Addressing social issues as they are present in your life will lead to empowerment and interpersonal growth.